Monday, January 9, 2017

January 2017

In the garden

If you want to plant vegetables in your garden this year it is time to get organised.  

Prepare the soil with plenty of manure and dig over

                                            Preparing the Garden 

  • If the weather permits now is a good time to decide where you are going to plant each crop.
  • Rotation of crops is key to a good harvest so no vegetable in the same place as last year

The soil has been dug and loosened and I mixed in some manure

  • Put the covers of plastic bags back on top of the soil to keep it as warm as possible.

The covers on the soil keep it warm and stops the nutrients from being washed away by rain

  • I also take photos and then decide where to plant each vegetable from my computer 
  • Decide which seeds and plants you want to buy for this years crop.
  • If you plan to grow some vegetables in containers, pots or bags you can also get these ready.

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