Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Grow Potatoes

Growing Potatoes in a Small Garden

How To Grow Potatoes
You can plant potatoes in a small garden by using containers, bags or pots. That way you free up your garden for other less intrusive vegetables.

When To Plant Early Seed Potatoes

Between now and April is the time to plant the seed potatoes.  But be aware of the dangers of frost at this time of year.  Cover the soil with straw if you can get some, if not then use polythene bags.

For these early variety crops you will be able to harvest in about eight weeks.
Seed Potatoes

Second Early Seed Potatoes

Plant in pots or bags from March to April. They will take longer to grow, about 14 to 16 weeks before they will be ready to harvest. 
The extra wait will be worth it though.  There will be a lot more potatoes with this crop.

Main Crop Seed Potatoes

Plant around April as like the other seed potatoes.  They will take about 18 to 20 weeks until they can be harvested.
This crop yields the largest amount of potatoes per seed potato.

My Early Potato Crop

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